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    Fohow Oral Liquid (Oral Liquid “PHOENIX”) Eliksi10

    Oral Liquid “PHOENIX” (FOHOW Oral Liquid)
    It is a pride of traditional Chinese medicine technologies. This preparation – a biological immune system regulator – is distinguished for a strong impact on a human body. It is widely used as an effective preventive measure, as well as in the cases of oncological, heart and blood vessel and other chronic diseases.
    In the production of supplement oral liquid “Phoenix” Chinese Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) is used, which grows in China, Quinghai-Tibet mountain range, this product also contains other higher fungus: Linchzhi (Ganoderma luciduiri), Aromatic fungus (Lentinus edodes) and other components.
    In the production of the preparation oral liquid “Phoenix”, just like oral liquid “Sanbao” the most advanced methods of cell splitting and extraction methods are used: multifunctional low-temperature extraction, above critical extraction, effective multi component purification, effective colonial chromatography and vacuum concentration. The production of the preparation was based on molecular projection theory, this is why it was possible to achieve an optimal solubility of different biologically active components, a selection of chemical linkage energies, an interaction of molecular space structures and even better product assimilation.

    Main ingredients:
    Chinese Cordyceps – 75%, Linchzhi – 6%, Aromatic fungus – 6%, Young bamboo fungus – 6%, Young bamboo shoots, Honey.
    Net content:
    30 ml in 4 bottles each
    Expiration date:
    18 months since the production date
    Storing conditions:
    Store in a dark and dry place, keep an open bottle in a dark and cool place.

    The method of taking of Oral Liquid “Phoenix” and Oral Liquid “Sanbao”
    It is the best to take oral liquids when getting up in the morning (from 6 to 9). Before taking it is recommended to rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and tongue and drink half of glass of warm water. Then take the required amount of the preparation with help of the enclosed straw or in order to dose the preparation more accurately, graduated syringe. An open bottle should be kept in dark and cool place. You can have breakfast in about half an hour. If you use more than one Cordyceps preparation, you can use them before lunch and dinner.

    Preventive Usage
    For adults – 3.0-5.0 ml per day; duration – 1-2 months. Seasonal usage of the preparation is advisable – in spring and autumn and before the outburst of virus infections (flu, etc.).
    For children smaller doses are prescribed, depending on their age.

    Usage indications and duration in the cases of different diseases
    • Heart and blood vessel system diseases (atherosclerosis, cardio sclerosis, angina pectoris, ischemic heart disease, myocardium infarct, the condition after it, blood vessel thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, irregular heartbeat, hypertonia, etc.): 2-3 months;
    • Digestive tract disorders (gastritis, ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, enter colitis, colitis, dysbacteriosis, etc.): 1-3 months;
    • Liver diseases (hepatitis cirrhosis, bile cyst stone): 1-3 months;
    • Endocrine system diseases (tireotoxicosis, diabetes, etc.): 2-3 months;
    • Pre cancer diseases (the first treatment stage): 1 package (4 bottles);
    • Malignant tumors (the first treatment stage): 1 package;
    • Hematology diseases (the first treatment stage): 1 package;
    • Acute virus diseases (adenovirus, flu): 5-10 days;
    • Other virus diseases (herpes, hepatitis, etc.): from 15days to 2 months;
    • Purulent angina: rinse your mouth and drink: 2-3 weeks;
    • Eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma): drip into the eyes twice a day up to 2 months;
    • Nervous system exhaustion (insomnia, touchiness, neurosis, apathy, chronic tiredness): 1-2 months;
    • General organism exhaustion: 2-3 months;
    • Allergies: 3-4 months;
    • Autoimmune diseases: 3-4 months;
    • Other diseases – treatment duration is chosen individually.

    In the cases of cataract and glaucoma preparation Oral Liquid “Phoenix” should be dripped in the eyes 1-2 times a day. If there is a burning feeling in the eyes, the preparation can be diluted with distilled water in proportion 1:1 and dripping continued. Honey does not usually cause allergy, but if it happens, stop dripping. Treatment duration – up to 2 months.
    After using preparations, symptoms of patients with various viral or bacterial infections, decreased or disappeared, temperature decreases within a very short time – from 20 to 30 minutes up to 2-3 hours. After 2-3 months treatment may be repeated.
    Elixir “Phoenix” is sufficiently effective in patients with other diseases as well. However, “Fohow” produces more Cordyceps products that are more effective in patients with other diseases.
    To women during first three months of pregnancy, as well as breast-feeding women during all feeding period, product should be used with caution (and any other company BAP).
    In case of allergy (although this happens very rarely) to the product or any of its components, it is necessary to their use.
    If there is no indication, there is no need to use several Cordyceps products at once.
    The duration of treatment is determined individually and depend on the patient’s general condition, dissolving symptoms, as well as on evaluation of specialized medical laboratory tests performed before and after BAP consumption.

    Doses for children
    Newborns can get a drop of product per day. Month-old children can be given 0.1 ml dose, each month increasing by 0.1 ml. One-year-old child can use 1 - 1.2 ml of product per day. The dose can be diluted with water.
    Older children are assigned with such moderate amounts of drinkable preparation: 1-2 years – 1-2 ml per day, 2-3 years – 2-3 ml per day, 3-5 years – 3-5 ml per day, 5-10 years – up to 7.5 ml per day, 10-13 years – up to 10 ml per day, 13-16 years – 15 ml per day, from age 16 there can be adult doses used.

    Dosage for adults
    Therapeutic doses may be 5 ml higher than preventive and as much as 60 ml (two bottles) per day.

    Preparation usage time and doses are given individually and depend on the patient’s condition, disease and efficiency of last- acting biological immune-regulators.
    In many cases, preparation “Phoenix” use is appropriate for not longer than two months. If there are any indications, after break (usually from 3 to 6 months) product consumption can be repeated.
    Cordyceps products (or other BAP) can be assigned for long period and changed between them periodically. In cancer and hematological disease cases, we recommend to regularly use the optimal doses of liquid form Cordyceps preparations – elixir “Phoenix” and elixir “Sanbao”. These products can be used together (one in the morning, other in the evening) or by changing the turn.
    In chronic disease cases, Cordyceps products, particularly concentrated liquid forms, are prescribed in combination with conventional medicines. Only later, when you reach a clear, certain level of organ systems bioregulation, doctors can try to gradually decrease the amount and dose of chemical drugs; and at steady regulation discontinue some medical products. Cordyceps products can be safely used in combination with other biologically active supplements and medicines.
    To prevent the potential of short-term and individual progression of various chronic diseases (especially hypertension, kidney and gall stone) caused by bio-active supplements, at the initial phase of treatment it is recommended to prescribe small doses of Cordyceps and then slowly (over 5-10 days) increase to optimal.

    [Source of the above information: Recent Achievements of Ancient Medicine by Prof. Dr. Arkadijus Gamperis,
    [Medical Doctor and Professor of Oriental Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania - ISBN 978-609-95273-3-8]

    More information about the product:

    Capability to Prevent and Fight against Cancers

    1. The Mechanism of Fohow Oral Liquid in Cancer Suppression:

    ① Able to activate the effector cells, enhance the ability of organs to kill tumors and to relive the tumors, induce the synthesis and excretion of cell factors and protect the normal cells;

    ② Able to suppress the generation of immunosuppressive factors which can cause the tumor cells, repair and enhance the sensitivity of organs to the cancer effect and strengthen the effect capacity of the organism and speed the division growth of the marrow cells and improve the blood-producing function.

    ③Ganodenic acid is able to kill the tumor cells.

    Anti-cancer Effect of Fohow Oral Liquid:

    ① Able to strengthen the effect of medical treatment;

    ② Able to create the opportunities for medical treatment;

    ③ Able to prevent the spread of tumor;

    ④ Able to reduce the toxic and side effects: the toxic and side effects can be lowered down after radiotherapy and chemotherapy;

    ⑤ Able to sharpen your appetite and improve your sleeping quality.

    2. Able to relieve the respiratory diseases:
    Fohow Oral Liquid is able to relive the pain in the nonstriated muscle and the cough, having an obvious effect on relief of cough, expulsion of phlegm, elimination of diminishment of inflammation, prevention of infection and enhancement of the ill-resistance of the respiratory system. It has also obvious effects to cure some lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

    3. Able to protect the liver:
    Fohow Oral Liquid has the functions to protect and detoxify the liver and is able to promote the metabolism of the liver against drugs and toxin, protect the structure of liver cells, adjust the synthesis of protein, enhance the reproduction capacity of the liver and effectively improve the liver functions.

    4. Prevention and Treatment of Cardio-cerebral Diseases:
    Fohow Oral Liquid has two-way actions on the blood pressure, which is able to diastole the coronary artery, expand the capillary vessels, improve the microcirculation, purify the blood, lower down the content of cholesterol and medium-sized fat in the blood, prevent and dissolve the thrombus in the blood vessels, promote the blood circulation and has the protective function in case of acute myocardial ischemia.

    5. Able to prevent and treat diabetes:
    The content of sugar in Fohow Oral Liquid is quite low so that it can speed the metabolism of the dextrose so as to lower down the content of blood sugar, increase the viscosity of the plasma insulin and support the treatment of some diseases caused by the diabetes such as coronary heart disease and the hypertension.

    6. Fohow Oral Liquid is able to adjust the central nervous, enhance the sleeping quality and the climacteric syndrome. This product is also used to smoothen the nervous, calm down your mind, relive the pain and help to recover from the soreness and weakness of waist and knees, insomnia and forgetfulness, dizziness and tiredness, impotence and spermatorrhea

    7. Fohow Oral Liquid is able to relive fatigue, disintoxicate the wine and rehabilitate the drug addiction, accelerate the recovery from fatigue and effectively prevent the over-labor damages.

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