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    Toothpaste 'Phoenix' (Fenix) with Cordyceps and Linchzhi Extracts


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    Toothpaste 'Phoenix' (Fenix) with Cordyceps and Linchzhi Extracts Empty Toothpaste 'Phoenix' (Fenix) with Cordyceps and Linchzhi Extracts

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    Toothpaste 'Phoenix' (Fenix) with Cordyceps and Linchzhi Extracts
    «FOHOW» Toothpaste is 100% fluoride free! While this chemical is often put in toothpaste to fight cavities and improve oral health, studies show that too much fluoride may discolor, and even damage teeth.

    Toothpaste 'Phoenix' (Fenix) with Cordyceps and Linchzhi Extracts 431572_288212121249209_268260656577689_675045_1340858395_n

    Toothpaste 'Phoenix' with Cordyceps and Linchzhi Extracts – is the result of “Fohow” research institute long-standing searches. Cordyceps and Linchzhi extracts has a unique regulatory effect, normalizes the oral micro flora. Prophylactic use of this toothpaste prevents formation of the wounds in oral cavity., gum inflammation, helps to avoid unpleasant breath and tooth decay.

    [Source of the above information: Recent Achievements of Ancient Medicine by Prof. Dr. Arkadijus Gamperis,
    [Medical Doctor and Professor of Oriental Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania - ISBN 978-609-95273-3-8]

    «FOHOW» Toothpaste - newest achievement obtained through many years of research of a team of experts SRI FOHOW, includes extracts of Cordyceps, Linzhi and extracts of many other plants - plant glycosides and phenols. Due to its scientific formulation, it has a bi-directional regulatory influence of the double normalization of oral bacterial background. This is the third generation toothpaste.

    Special effects:

    Bi-directional regulatory action: Cordyceps and Linzhi have an obvious bi-directional regulation dramatically improves your oral health.
    Double normalization of bacterial background: plant glycosides eliminate harmful microbes in the mouth, clean the mouth of protozoan parasites, reduces repeated reproduction of microbes.
    Preventive teeth strengthening: extracts of Cordyceps, Linzhi in combination with natural plant ingredients warn and help get rid of bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, periodontitis, bad breath, pain in the gums, dental caries.
    Purification of the oral cavity: an extract of Cordyceps, Linzhi and plant glycosides, effectively promote oral health, brush teeth and maintain cleanliness of the mouth, prevent repeated reproduction of microbes, maintain healthy teeth.

    Main ingredients:
    Tibetan Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis)
    Linchzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) extract
    Plant-based glycosides

    Package contents: 140 grams of toothpaste in tube
    Usage: The toothpaste is to be used in a highly economical way. The amount of the size of a pea is sufficient for one application.

    More information about the product:

    Other features:

    Removes a mosquito bite itching and swelling;
    Can be used against frostbite or burns;
    Helps to effectively avoid scars;
    Helps with inflammation and pain in the throat;
    Removes oral ulcers.
    Toothpaste is effective in dermal mycosis of the feet, acne, sudamen.

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