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    CORDYCEPS (Cordyceps sinensis)

    CORDYCEPS (Cordyceps sinensis) Chinesemedicinetherapeu

    Chinese Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) is classified as higher fungus. This fungus grows in Tibetan highlands, Sychuan, Junaja, Chinghaj and others, located about four thousand meters above sea level in the provinces of China. If during warm season Cordyceps spore gets in the body of butterfly larva of a certain kind (hepialide), spore germinates in spring. Originally, fungus grows and uses larva nutrients, and then connects to the roots of grass growing around in Tibet and start using their nutrients. Lack of oxygen, low temperature and itsfluctations, as well as access to space in alpine, grain Cordyceps and make it spacious for energy storage.

    In the East Cordyceps has always been considered as the most valuable of all land plants. Cordyceps was especially valued by emperors and their relatives. Cordyceps was called in China as a "gift from God", "wonder talisman" because none of the plants have more curative powers like it does.

    Cordiceps acts as a potent antioxidant (Lukosevicius No. 2004), because it contains betacarotene (provitamin A), vitamins E and C and minerals - selenium and zinc, ubichinon (co-enzyme Q-10), immunomodulating polysacharides and other materials. Cordyceps operates on epiphyses so a high level of melatonin, which has properties of a universal antioxidant blocking tumor growth, gets into body.

    Cordyceps contains 77 micro- and macronutrients, more than 80 types of enzymes essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, etc. However, amount of vitamins and minerals is not large, so the products can not cause overdose symptoms. But the key to all "Fohow" products is synergic manufacture principle - the fact that several components of the overall product performance exceed the performance of each of them separately. An effective choice of product components ratio potentiated operation is reached. Moreover, absent of adverse toxic effects mean that the product is safe to use.

    American pharmacologists identified unique active substance from Cordyceps (cordicepin, cordiceps acid, adenosine, adenine, etc.) and found they affect the immune system. Although the higher funguses have a large variety of substances, the most important part of their effectiveness is based on polysaccharides. It was found that the biologicaleffectiveness of Cordyceps is associated with a unique polysaccharide complex. During the experiment, the polysaccharide concentration has been increased and the possibility of increasing the antioxidant and immunoregulating effects from 10 to 15 times have been achieved (Liu, P. and co-authors, 2004). All this determine the theraupetic efficacy of namely liquid Cordyceps, in which due to modern technology a polysaccharide concentration reaches the unique level (Aleksejev V., 2003).

    Cordyceps is the only plant on Earth, which besides the specific protection from cancer and its progression, has also an antitumor effect (Yoshida J. and co-authors, 1989, Nakamura, K. and co-authors, 1999). It should be noted that immune responsiveness increase induced by polysaccharides in funguses, determine the effectiveness of systemic cytoprotective effectiveness. That's the difference between fungus therapy and immune therapy of other kinds.

    CORDYCEPS (Cordyceps sinensis) Cordycepsgljiva
    Cordyceps increases the bodily resistance to various internal and external factors, protects it agains radiation, restores damaged energy field within few minutes.

    Products with Cordyceps also have an allergic effects. After use of these products there wasan effect of severe toxic disposal observed. The body is removing all toxic substances – i.e., intestinal poison, drug compounds, radionuclide’s, heavy metals, salts etc.

    The Cordyceps is a natural antibiotic and inhibits the pneumococcus, staphylococci, streptococci, and many other germs from multiplying. These funguses also affect a variety of viruses including adenovirus, influenza, hepatitis, herpes (cold sores), atypical pneumonia, and other viruses. Cordyceps products, as part of the combination therapy, are given to people with HIV and AIDS. Cordyceps has impact on protozoa (Chlamydia, urea plasma, trichomonas, etc., helminthes (worms)) and fungi.

    It is noted that Cordyceps treats cardiovascular diseases effectively. It regulates the blood passage, the walls become more elastic, reduces the risk of clogging of blood vessels. It has been observed that Cordyceps updates liver cells – hepatocytes and other organs, as well as normalizes micro flora of the skin, throat and raspiratory tract. Cordyceps normalizes kidney function, regulates metabolism, especially lipid.

    It is important to use Cordyceps products, if you don’t want to lead your acute inflammation to chronic disease. Cordyceps products update and adjust the whole body and its systems function as well as encourage self-regulation mechanisms.

    Cordyceps is widely used as a means of prevention and health promotion. When products are used in conjunction with conventional medications, this significantly increases the effectiveness of traditional treatment and reduces the potential side effects.

    [Source of the above information: Recent Achievements of Ancient Medicine by Prof. Dr. Arkadijus Gamperis,
    [Medical Doctor and Professor of Oriental Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania - ISBN 978-609-95273-3-8]

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