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    Fast-Effecting BAP from Higher Fungus and their use Results


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    Fast-Effecting BAP from Higher Fungus and their use Results Empty Fast-Effecting BAP from Higher Fungus and their use Results

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    Fast-Effecting BAP from Higher Fungus and their use Results

    Fast-Effecting BAP from Higher Fungus and their use Results 8240013

    Over the past six years there were very convincing consumption results with fast-effecting biological immune system and the energy regulators, produced by higher fungi Cordyceps, Linchzhi Shiitake, gathered. Recently, there were some new reports about even greater impact of these products.
    It is already possible to conclude that, improved “Fohow” higher fungus products significantly surpass their predecessors on impact and helps to achieve positive results more quickly with a smaller dose.

    When considering options for use of products, there were a number of international and regional medical conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions held. Such events for pharmaceutical and medical specialists were organized in many countries: Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, etc.), Ukraine (Kiev, Donetsk, Simferopol, Vinnytsia), Belarus (Minsk, Grodno), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda), Latvia (Riga, Liepaja), Estonia (Tallinn, Narva), Israel (Tel Aviv), Jerusalem), Germany (Bremen, Augsburg), Poland(Warsaw, Lodz, Katowice), UK (London), Kazakhstan (Alma-Ata), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Armenia (Yerevan), and many others. There were sets of reports on the results of treatment with these products released.

    Great job in informing medical public and other people about the company products is done by Professor Alla Girich (Moscow). Clinical pharmacology experience of A. Girich helps carefully analyze mechanisms involved in biological immune and energy systems’ regulators, with ones we work in recent years. In other countries, other lecturers-doctors and nutritionists, who have experience with these products, are actively working as well: in Israel – medical doctor Nodar Gazneli, in Lithuania – Dr. Nijole Jankuniene and Dalia Sekmokiene, and many more countries and professionals.
    Over the past few years there has been practice on consumption of fast-effecting biological immune systems and energy regulators accumulated. It’s safe to say that BAP is safe and in many cases, the positive impact is even bigger than that of drugs. Wide consumption of supplements as preventive and wellness products helps to significantly improve health.

    The products are most widely used in preventive medicine. In the international medical conference in Moscow in 2002 the Associate Professor T Lemzitskova (Ukraine) presented a compelling example of the effectiveness of the products: in Kiev, pupils from two kindergartens had no viral respiratory tract infections during all year, as they have used Cordyceps products for prevention.
    Therefore, we recommend oral liquid concentrated Cordyceps preparations-elixirs named “Phoenix” and “Sanbao” as a truly effective preventive measure, especially for those people whose immune system is weakened. Biological active agents of Cordyceps are commonly used in patients with multiple chronic diseases.

    According to statistics, cancer patients use this product more often than other people do. It should be noted that, thanks to advanced biotechnology, the latest fluid concentrated forms of “Fohow” products – elixirs “Phoenix” and “Sanbao” – contain much more polysaccharides which the immune modulating component is.

    There is no doubt that these immunomodulators are necessary for cancer patients, as well as for various other people with pre-cancer and other chronic diseases that develop due to immunodeficiency. At present, there is found that about 80 percent (!) of diseases are diagnosed in people with impaired immunity.

    The amounts of patients with oncology and hematologic illnesses that use Cordyceps, are mentored and observed in Lithuania and other European countries, reaches five thousand. This is really a big contingent of differences in age, clinical diagnoses and diversity. It was found that using fast effecting concentrated immunomodulators, almost always has a positive impact, both in combination with conventional medicines and medical instruments, as well as without them. Even at last stages of cancer, the use of these products actually work. Eight years monitoring. Eight years monitoring results of cancer patients treated with fast acting BAP, showed a very low mortality rate. In addition, almost all deaths have been recorded in the fourth stage cancer patients.

    Since Cordyceps concentrated preparations contain high levels of immunomodulating polysaccharides and some other specific components, they hamper the formation of tumors (Yoshida, J., 1989, Nakamura, K., 1999, Alexeyeva B., 2003; Girich A., 2003). Therefore, in oncology these products can be widely used as an additional (Jankuniene N., 2004) and sometimes as the main therapeutic tool (Liu Yu, 1997).

    “Fohow” Cordyceps preparations are good for patients with various cardiovascular diseases and especially – patients with atherosclerosis and those who develop complications (arterial hypertension, heart attack, stroke). Even with patients who develop stable hypertension there have been reported about good results, when fast-effecting biological regulator elixir “Phoenix” has been used from one to several months (when a daily dose is from few to 15ml). More than a half of patients’ blood pressure returned to normal, and about 40 percent dropped sharply. Similar results were described by O. Beskaravainaja (2003), I. Pajarskiene (2004) and others.

    Cordyceps products are successfully used in veterinary practice as well (A. Bugajev, Kiev, 2003).


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